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Whenever a new beta version of iOS is released, it is generally made available for those who are fully paid up members of the iOS Developers Program. Now that program costs $99 per year, which not everyone wants to pay, or can afford to pay. On occasion, a security flaw pops up and iTunes forgets to verify whether a user’s UDID number is activated. This means that, for a short time, until the hole is patched up again, anyone can download and install a beta iOS version. For those who don’t know what a UDID is, read on.

What is a UDID ?


This is a Unique Device Identifier – a 40 digit serial number unique to a specific device. It is made up of numbers and letters in a sequence that is difficult to guess.

Why Do We Need a UDID ?

To allow you to install approved software, such as the iOS betas. Your UDID must be registered with Apple to be able to install beta software.

Where is My UDID Number ?

The easiest way to find your UDID number is to use iTunes:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac computer connect to computer iphone 6 mac
  2. Open iTunes
  3. Navigate to the Device Summary for your iPhone – there you will see a certain amount of information pertaining to your device iphone 6 device summary
  4. Click on Serial Number  iphone itunes
  5. Your UDID number will be revealed – either carefully write it down or copy/paste it to another file – Click on Edit > Copy Identifier and paste it to your chosen location copy udid

If you want to try out an app that you know hasn’t yet been released to the App store, you can ask the developer to add your UDID, which will allow you to run it. Once you have gained permission from the developer, you need to email your number to them. An alternative method is to download Ad Hoc Helper from the app store; that will create and send the email for you, all you need to do is supply the relevant email address.

Video : Here is a video explaining the above steps

Useful Link : Finding UDID without iTunes of UDID Apps


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  1. I want to know, if you guys will provide certificate and provisioning file for installing an app not available in Apple store?

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